The Cold Engines Story

North Shore Boston’s Cold Engines is the retro wave, power pop, and melody driven rock project of The Brew’s founder David Drouin and drummer Aaron Zaroulis. The group emerged in 2015 with a prolific run of four full length albums and over 100 shows a year supporting the likes of Los Lobos, Blues Traveler, Bobby Keyes, Soule Mounde and extensive headlining shows in the Northeast.

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Cold Engines five album discography on Spotify. 

Cold Engines on Spotify

Officially launched in 2015 with the debut record in the can, the band was started and fostered in the ashes of national success The Brew. Drouin and Zaroulis pivoted quickly to capture something special. With the relentless pop hooks of The Police, Queen, The Killers and The Beatles serving as inspiration, Drouin knew exactly what he was after. 


Capturing the urgency and catchiness of his favorite record, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack from 1987, Drouin garnered an obsession. Honing the band with additions of journeyman Boston heavyweights was necessary. Geoff Pilkington from Soul Rebel Project, Eric Reingold from Jamantics and a slew of guest stars like Adam Ezra, Audrey Ryan, Johnny Bluehorn, Andrew Fogliano, Jon Persson and Ben Alleman with Tim Phillips N.Y.C heading up the recording team. 


Winning rock band of the year at the New England Music Awards and subsequent nominations for song of the year and new act of the year in multiple North East award shows, the industry took notice. Now four years in, the band has found itself fully and without apology as a new wave power pop force releasing the much anticipated 5th record, “Kiss My Heart” May, 2019.


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