Press in 2019


"Cold Engines has delivered a track that will seep into your soul and rock you into the feeling of romance. The vocal comes across as soulful and lustful yet is still clearly driven by the force of genuine love." 

-Rock The Pigeon Read Post


"Cold Engines' Show You Crazy is a shapeshifter of a song that moves from cool groove driven dance pop sounds to big post rock guitar-centric tones back to indie pop grooves until all the sounds converge into one."

-American Pancake  Read Post


"When a song is undeniable, that’s what it is: Undeniable. Cold Engines frontman sings the lyrics of the song as if his life depends on it, which also happens to be the way that I like my music."

-Grunge Cake Read Post


"Cold Engines is New England’s way of thanking the rock n’ roll nature of our individual souls. The machine like touring attitude of the band, on a mission to salvage our ears and musical sentiments, to that gloriously reachable plateau. We think Cold Engines can help us get to that mountain peak."

-comeherefloyd Read Post


"A funky rock n roll guitar that is at its best when it shows off the horns and guitar solos. Money’s soul brings 70s nostalgia to a new generation in dire need of simple grooviness. The mantra  brings Bruno Mars to mind. “Money” is a song that calls for swagger and dance." 

-Tongue Tied Magazine Post


"Featuring a lush arrangement that is delicately laid out to accompany the excitable falsetto voice of Dave Drouin.  Instruments enter and leave as the track builds into a hard rock bridge section with a face melter of a solo.  Comparable to other Boston rockers such as Ripe. All about the fun." 

-Hot Lunch Music Post